#sheisjubilee activities 

Keisha finals WEB-4

Keisha Nicole Armstrong; U.K. native of Jamaican heritage and world traveler only months from the womb. Keisha naturally has always loved things and people who are different, due to multiple cultural influences throughout her childhood and adolescent years. Having experienced growing up in both England and States within North America, Keisha is fascinated by culture and what makes people PEOPLE. In finding her feet and blossoming IN her story there are many loves that Keisha puts her hand to for creativity, skill and ministry purposes.

Writing & Communication – by default a writer and story-teller; Keisha loves to engage with a goooood message. She has produced general communications over time for several groups and businesses. Keisha also dedicates her time to blogging, presentations, public speaking and social platforms that serve for worthy causes.

Keisha is an advocate of conveying a thought, idea, attitude, value, belief, fad or theory to people from all walks of life. From high-end corporate offices to graffiti streets and ghettos, she believes the power of a message can travel anywhere and make anything happen if conveyed successfully.

Keisha finals WEB-6

Art & Expression – Captivated by color, movement, and originality; Keisha finds pleasure
in creativity and being a creative. Singing, drawing and photography are but a few of the personal past times she engages in often.

Graphic Design – Her personal Wild Card. What started as a great struggle in Grad student years would soon after serve as her catalyst to explore another avenue of creativity and story telling. Keisha enjoys and is daily expanding her skill set in the creation of flyers, logos and at times helping brands to better establish their creative strategy.

#sheisjubilee is my story

Est. 1st day of Spring 2015
*Photo Credit – ADunkley Designs

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