29 Years of reflections . . . #perception


“Keep vigilant watch over your heart; that’s where life starts”

Proverbs 4:23 [MSG]

Life Lessons on #perception



563856_10152342625255720_926057506_nI remember my childhood fairly well. . . .

Certain instances are more vivid than others, but overall I was slim as a twig and tall like a weed, great curiosity and a HUUUGE imagination of what life in my 20’s would be. No one could have ever told me then, that now with almost all 10 years of this decade behind me, being ‘grown’ is so much more than what’s superficial, commercial and/or marrying Will Smith’s identical twin.


Although I always set great goals for myself and worked hard academically, looking back over a decade has still given me a lot to consider. When I turned 29 on August 12th 2016, I decided that my voice is my greatest gift to humanity. As my ability to see things and people continue to shift, God too has placed a greater demand on my life for #change; not only within, but there is a demand for the power of the domino effect and who / what my personal change will socially impact. In this series of blog posts I’m openly sharing my ’29 years of reflections’; starting with #perception.

“Perception connects with Perspective”

Our ideas and notions about the world and everything in it are driven by points of view. How we arrive at conclusions are all based upon how we perceive life. #perception also alludes to context; the angle of your approach and how little or how much you comprehend on the subject matter.

For Example:

If your intent / posture is negative on purpose with no desire to change that’s how you will always view the world. I can’t convince a man that the glass is half full if his thinking is bent towards believing that it’s almost empty.

#perception attributes to the ideas we form and our ability to conceive cultures, attitudes, beliefs, values, convictions, lifestyles…. the list is endless! For those who are more inclined to Webster’s dictionary here’s an official definition:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 01.10.43

I believe that in the mind we create our window to the rest of the world. It’s like in Matt 6:22 where Jesus illustrates the power of our thoughts as the eye being the ‘lamp of the body’. A healthy outlook ensures a prosperous and productive life. I think I’ve set up a sound spot for ‘take off’. So let’s get to it!

Check out my 5 points on #perception

1 – It’s ok NOT to know it all! [Romans 12:16]

  • You’re no less of an amazing individual because of not knowing. However, once you know better and don’t do better you set life in reverse and will likely end up nowhere real fast. New COO, Troy Rice of the corporation I currently work for set the bar for our team’s approach to life and learning from a place of humility this week. A charge that I so appreciated. As he amped us up to create and innovate like never before in the world of eCommerce, He implored us to approach everything with a ‘beginners mindset’.
  • BONUS – Give grace for the times when you make mistakes, even when others expected more and/or better…

2 – A dark moment or rough patch isn’t ugly, it’s a highlight 

  • giphy.gifI’ve found it to be true that on the other side of pain, embarrassment, and shame is a strength you’ve now earned rights to. Many get so wrapped up in their fall that they forget after the tumble we still have the chance to get up and begin again. The audience can tell when you’re confident in your failures and faults.  What’s most admirable in any hard place is an attitude of triumph.

3 – One pair of feet are not  

  • As I get closer to 30 I’m learning that I can choose to make myself a part of the atmosphere rather than an awkward piece that doesn’t fit. I decide if I want a piece of the action or not. Large corporate functions are my next feat. in this area but it’s certainly not impossible and doesn’t have to be a scary place.
  • Not blending in doesn’t mean you’re not a part of the equation and/or not needed.

4 – Watch as well as listen!

  • I’ve learned to be better at discerning why someone will speak as well as to hold my tongue if the value of my words wouldn’t add to the moment. Sometimes it’s better to just be quiet!

5 – What’s ahead of you is always more exciting!

(but you can’t drag what’s behind) . . .

  • You have more say so in your future because it has yet to happen! If you don’t like where it’s headed evaluate steps to change, for you, the destination or both (make sure the decisions are not founded on emotions).
  • If you look back too long and too hard you’ll trip and break your neck! Sometimes our eyes were blind to a certain thing for a certain reason. Looking back and trying to solve for what cannot be undone is a waste of energy.
  • Anything that points to your past after freedom just becomes noise.


#perception is basically holding what you’re dealing with in front of you and asking the major question of ‘What do I see?’ I’m looking forward to building better and stronger #perception!

#Sneak peek for next week 🙂  My 5 reflections on #goals



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