#sheisjubilee [My Story Synopsis]

You found my Blog site, Welcome!


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Whether you’re visiting on purpose or happened across this site on a whim, I’m glad you found this page! Most who use the internet in some capacity have determined that the masses should know they have something to say, even if it’s nothing at all. I’ve decided to take my contribution and do something a little different with it.

I’m not just blogging to blog.

In May of 2014 my life experienced a crazy turn and for 14 months every comfort I thought I had was taken away. . . . accept for my car lol (I’ll tell that story one day).  At 27 (almost 28) life switched gears as  my ‘make up’ was stripped to its minimum and my reality unraveled to the core.

#sheisjubilee personified is my journey

back to Joy.

Keisha finals WEB-13
Like most young adults I got a first-hand feel of what hurt, disappointment, setbacks and pain really were. Then I realized my ‘suddenly’ in life had only played a part in revealing things that had been on the inside all along. I had experienced an intentional demolition derby of what and who I thought Keisha was. As superficial and unfulfilled layers fell away I was left with only Christ to cling to, and now that my foundation is sure and secure… I’m building.

SO you’ve joined me at a pretty pivotal life juncture 🙂 I’ve set my memorial stone of triumph and am constantly strategizing my path to purpose, healing, happiness and wholeness in HIM as HE leads. I don’t have all the answers but I’m leaving my space open for you to learn and grow WITH me.

This blog is God inspired and written by a believer of Jesus Christ. It serves as a platform for testimonies and introspective critiques. It’s also an avenue of expression and exposure. Not just in life lessons but for the beautiful and amazing things people are doing all over the world. We ALL have a testimony and should celebrate our right to overcome! Failures and faults don’t have the last say. I’m trusting that my words have the ability to SPEAK and the power to convict. If you’re ready to keep reading let’s go!

Self Acceptance | Unapologetic Purpose | Unstoppable Joy | Creative Capacity | No More Hand Me Downs

#sheisjubilee is my story

Est. 1st day of Spring 2015
*photo credits – ADunkley Designs

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